Maharashtra State Inter School Championship, 2024

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Genseiryu karate stance

Gen ()

means a subtle and deep truth.


Sei (制)

means system creating a form.

Genseiryu karate stance


  () means a subtle and deep truth.


() means system creating a form.  

Gensei (玄制) means ‘to control the universe’, also “to pursue the deep truth and making it clear through the form,”

Gensei-ryu Karatedo was established by Seiken Shukumine (Born in Okinawa, 1925). “Gensei-ryu” has been used as an official name since 1950. Gensei-ryu started propagation centering at main Dojo in Tokyo and Kanto region especially in Saitama Univ. Gunma Univ. Chiba Univ. Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ. Fukushima Medical Univ. and Nishogakusha Univ. and the organization made rapid development and became a remarkable nationwide organization. However, seiken Shukumine couldn’t help establishing another Budo, Taido beyond the confine of Karate in 1963 as a result of his pursuit of his theory on Budo and technical changes… READ MORE

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