Gensei-ryu Karate do was established by Seiken Shukumine (Born in Okinawa, 1925). “Gensei-ryu” has been used as an official name since 1950. Gensei-ryu started propagation centering at main Dojo in Tokyo and Kanto region especially in Saitama Univ. Gunma Univ. Chiba Univ. Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ. Fukushima Medical Univ. and Nishogakusha Univ. and the organization made rapid development and became a remarkable nationwide organization. However, seiken Shukumine couldn’t help establishing another Budo, Taido beyond the confine of Karate in 1963 as a result of his pursuit of his theory on Budo and technical changes. He left Karate community with almost all his students and he as a Japan Taido Founder and supreme Master, actively spread it that is admitted widely in foreign countries.

Kunihiko Tosa who had been a senior student of Shukumine since before Gensei-ryu was established, aimed at spreading Gensei-ryu Karate do persistently. So Tosa established Gensei-ryu Butoku-kai with his junior co-worker Yoshimitsu Furuya who has kept good relation with him since the day of Tachikawa Self Defense Forces Karate Club was opened. Gensei-ryu actively joined a Prefectural Federation organized by Japan Karate do Federation and Tosa has raised many brilliant practitioners and higher grade holders who have won higher prizes in international tournaments, national tournaments and National Athletic Meets by using his passion, excellent character and remarkable leadership. Now Gensei-ryu has not only national branches but also overseas branches as a proof of its popularity and it can be said that Gensei-ryu holds its firm place in Karate community by holding the 36th national tournament.

History of the name “Gensei”

To do something quite unanticipated is the secret of win even in a war between a nation and a nation or in a mere personal conflict. To say other words, basic philosophy of Gensei-ryu pursues this idea which is that how to do unexpected things.

After a long time study of how to realize the idea in Kata and how to apply it to real life, Seiken Shukumine created the basic theory “Se, Un, Hen, Nen and Ten”. “Se” is vertical circular movement of the body axis. “Un” is up and down movement in the directions of front and back, up and down. “Hen” is falling movement in front and back, right and left by your own will. “Nen” is twisted hand and arm techniques mainly executed on the spot. “Ten” is a technique in an unexpected situation created by front turn, back turn and side turn. It is “Sansai no Kata” that is known widely as a typical Kata that bristle with these techniques of Gensei-ryu.

Basic philosophy of Gensei-ryu

“Gen” means a subtle and deep truth and “Sei” means system and creating a form. Therefore, “Gensei” means that we pursue the deep truth and make it clear once after we get the truth.